Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30- Jeanette Winterson "Art and Lies"

Homework: The first Handle and the first Picasso stories of Art and Lies

Wikipedia...I personally think that Wikipedia is an good source for background material on a specific subject. Wikipedia might not be a scholarly website but it does provide good information for helping with the interpretation of a text or gaining new ideas on a topic.

The novel starts in the 18th century followed by the short story in 19th century. Who decides the "canon"? I think that we, as the readers of novels, poetry, and prose, decied the canon. Each person has their own qualifications for the authors of the canon, and thus each person decides for themselves, who and what is great literature.

Art and Lies- Jeanette Winterson
-After reading her introduction to Weight, I found Winterson very interesting as an author. She writes like a collage and that allows for multiple interpretations of the text. The introduction to Weight, has sparked my interest in reading the whole book (which I plan to do over the summer).

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